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Tour Explorer 25

Have twice the fun with Tour Explorer 25

Unterwegs mit dem Tour Explorer 25

Enjoy discovering new routes for your walking and cycling adventures with Tour Explorer 25 - the tour planning software from MagicMaps. 

Then later savour the feeling of being outdoors, without worrying about getting lost or other nasty surprises en-route - simply enjoy.

Tour Explorers 25 Highlights

  • Easy route planning
  • Tour elevation profiles
  • ADFC cycle network (Germany)
  • OpenStreetMap walking network
  • File exchange with GPS devices
  • Orientation, location & address search
  • Tour suggestions

Twice the fun - on your PC and in the great outdoors

Plan your tour with respect to how high you would like to climb. Gain an impression of your route with a 3D 'fly-over' - complete with aerial photography. Know what is coming around the next turn, and enjoy being outdoors.

Back at home you can edit your walking or cycle tour, add photos to the route, share your journey, and much more.

Tour Explorer 25 is available for all of Germany with official topographic maps at 1:25,000 scale. As a cheaper alternative MagicMaps offers Tour Explorer 50 at 1:50,000 scale. This is available for Germany, Austria and the Eastern Alps on DVD.

Tour Explorer 25 and Tour Explorer 50 offer the same functionality - simply choose the map scale you need.

Download the manual (pdf, 5.7 MB)

Download our information brochure (pdf, 4.7 MB)

Get an overview of digital maps, GPS and how MagicMaps can help you use them in your adventures.

The PC software Tour Explorer on DVD is complemented by:

- TOUR Explorer Live - this program allows you to use official topographic maps from many regions in Europe for tour planning on your computer; and

- The Scout app for iPhone and Android smartphones which makes your maps and tours mobile.

- Using your MagicMaps Live user account all your maps and tours can be synchronised across MagicMaps software platforms.

Digitale Karten und GPS. Infobroschüre MagicMaps

Route planning in 2D with Tour Explorer 25
Route planning in 2D with Tour Explorer 25
Topographic map in 3D in Tour Explorer 25
Topographic map in 3D in Tour Explorer 25
Elevation profile in Tour Explorer 25
Elevation profile in Tour Explorer 25
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Outdoor Navigation zum Mitnehmen.
Scout für iPhone
Scout für Android

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