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MagicMaps Scout for iPhone

bike and hiking navigation for iPhone

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone

MagicMaps' outdoor navigation app adds a new dimension to your iphone with GPS receiver: From now on, this little Jack-of-all-trades always knows where you are and which way you have gone!


Magicmaps Sout for iPhone at the AppStore

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone bike and hiking navigation - highlights

  • Bike computer and bike navigation plus track recording for iPhone/iPod Touch with GPS receiverinteractive worldwide map view (OpenStreetMap)
  • Worldwide maps from OpenStreetMap (online)
  • Maps from OpenCycleMap with bikeways and contour lines
  • Optional: extra offline topographic maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, National Parks USA, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Denmark (in-app purchase, more countries in progress)
  • Optional: offline KOMPASS leisure Maps for Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, South Tyrol, Trentino, Lake Garda (in-app purchase, more countries in progress)
  • Exchange maps with pc-software "Tour Explorer"
  • Record and analyze tracks, send them via email
  • Import Tracks from Online Sites like gpsies or ADFC-Tourenportal
  • Set an manage Waypoints
  • Extensible with multiremote gear (o-synce) for handling the app from the bike handlebar

Note: Some of the features require up-to-date Apple software on your iPhone (iOS 4.x)

Support: You have got questions? Maybe you an find the answer at our FAQ-page. If not, please contact us via our online support.


bike navigation for iPhone: Display showing OpenCycleMap with track
Scout for iPhone: Display showing OpenCycleMap with track
bike navigation for iPhone: Display bike computer
Scout for iPhone: Display bike computer
bike navigation for iPhone: Display showing navigation mode
Scout for iPhone: Display showing navigation mode

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone - Functions

iPhone bike navigation - maps

bike and hiking navigation maps

Scout for iPhone uses a high-resolution basemap from the worldwide OpenStreetMap (online connection necessary for OSM maps). Click the button at the top left to jump to the current position. OpenStreetMap, which is updated regularly, is a non-commercial map made by thousands of volunteers all around the world.

You can display routes and tracks on the map and use them for biking or hiking.

The freeware map OpenStreetMap contains information about roads, footpaths and cities. You can move and zoom the map with your fingers. There are different Map Views available: Streets, a Cycle Map with special information for Cyclists, a nightview and the classial OpenStreeMap view.

scout for iphone outdoor navigation: topografic maps

Topografic maps

A special feature of this navigation app is the possibilty to use detailed topografic maps which are installed directly on the iphone. With such maps you don't need a connetion to the mobile network which often is not available in woods or mountain regions. Additionally, you save roaming costs when you use the app abroad.

There are 2 possibilities to use topografic maps: 

1. Purchase maps via MapStore

Scout for iPhone has built-in access to our MapStore (via "Settings") where you can buy detailed topographic maps (scale 1:50,000) for offline use. The topographic maps are especially suitable for outdoor activities since they show very small tracks and footpaths, small streams and contour lines. You can buy extra regions, store them on the iPhone and use all of the functions in the app without needing an internet connection.

Here you can find the correct map region for your needs:

Overview Map Store 

These extra maps are assigned to your iTunes account, i.e. you can use them with all devices using the same iTune account.

The pc software "TOUR Explorer Live" allows you to use all your map regions which you have bought via the Map Store on your big pc screen. Make your own tours or edit and archive your tracks easily.

2. Exchange maps with "TOUR Explorer"

Planning tours on the pc is an easy way to prepare outdoor activities, as on a large screen you have got a good overview as well as many convenient tools for analyzing the tour. The tour and suitable map section can be transferred to the iphone and used for navigation. "TOUR Explorer" is available for Germany, Austria, and Eastern Alps.

User of "TOUR Explorer"  (Version 5.0 or higher) or "TOUR Explorer Live" can export map data via WLAN (not via usb) to the iphone.

iphone bike navigation - speedometer

iPhone bike navigation - speedometer bike computer

The stylish speedometer shows you the GPS signal strength and all other information you need to know. You can choose six fields to display out of the following list:


  • Current speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Pace (Min/Km)
  • Number of trackpoints  recorded
  • Total distance travelled
  • Total elapsed time
  • Travelling time
  • Total sum uphill/downhill
  • Current inclination
  • Current altitude
  • Lowest/highest point
  • GPS accuracy (horizontal and vertical)

Click the Start button to start recording a track. In the Settings menu you can choose three different track recording methods (optimized, time-based or distance-based track points). In map view, the track is automatically shown overlaid on the map. You can pause and continue with track recording at any time. After recording the track, you can store it as a gpx file and give it a name.

While recording a track, you can switch your iPhone to standby to save battery power (press the button at the top right).

iphone bike navigation - tracks and routes

Scout for iPhone - Tracks and Routes

Each track that you recorded is shown in the tour overview and can be used later for navigation. The tour overview shows a small icon of the track together with length, altitude difference and date of recording.

Further extra information is stored as well:

  • Total distance
  • Travelling time
  • Average speed
  • Highest/lowest point
  • Personal rating (scenery, fitness, skill and adventure)

Each track and its statistics can be sent as gpx-file via email and can be viewed on a PC or exchanged with friends. The Diagram menu shows an elevation and speed profile for the track. You can also view stored  tracks in the map view.

In addition, you can import tracks as GPX files from outdoor tourism web sites (iOS xxx or later).

iphone bike navigation: waypoints


Mark interesting points on the map and save them in your waypoints-list. The cross hair in the centre of the display can be used to mark a waypoint on the map by clicking on the bottom-right button. Or click to the menu "waypoints", press the plus-button on the top-right and mark the position on the map.

Alternatively, you can define a waypoint by typing in its coordinates (geographic). Geocachers can create new aims in distance and direction defined from their actual position.  

Select a name for your waypoint and add a foto if you want.

You can take a bearing of a waypoint by selecting it from the waypoints-list and pressing the button "bearing". Now you can see the direction and distance to your aim from your actual position.

iphone bike navigation - settings


The Settings menu lets you customize Scout for iPhone to your personal needs.

Map: This is used to buy maps from the Map Store, to manage your map regions and choose the map type to show in the Map View. You can download your topographic maps to your iPhone (WLAN needed) to be independent from an internet connection during your outdoor activities. When you are on the road, you can also use the purchased maps online through the mobile data connection and then download them later when WLAN is available.

General: This is used to choose the required units (metric or US) and the track recording method (optimized, time-based, distance-based). You can also choose an automatic screen saver to save battery power when you are outdoors.

Synchronize: Here, you find diffeent ways to exchange data between your iphone and your computer. You can connect your device via WLAN with your computer and i.e. export map cuttings and tracks to your iphone or import tracks from the iphone to the Tour Explorer software.

Even easier is the way via the cloud service "MagicMaps Live". Tours are synchronized in a breath and all the map regions which you have bought on the Map Store can be displayed on your pc with the software "TOUR Explorer Live" and be used for planning selfmade tours. All map regions that are connected to a MagicMaps Live account can be used on all platforms available, may it be Android, Apple or GPS-devices made by Falk Outdoor. This means that you can us the maps no matter if you use mobile devices from other platforms.


Further Functions

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone bike navigation supports the languages English, German, French and Italian.



The o-synce multiremote control

multiremote control

More secure on your bike. Control and handle your app with this intelligent tool from your handlebar. The first remote control for smartphones with bluetooth® SMART technology allowy you to operate the app SCOUT with only three buttons:

  • zoom in and out on the map
  • change between display, e.g. bike computer and map view
  • start and stop your track recording
  • save energy by controlling the display brightness

The 13g lightweighed multiremote control fits every Mountainbike-, speedbike- and triathlon-handlebar. Choose whether to mount it on the right or left side. With just three buttons your can manage your app functions intuitively and fast. Your hands stay on the handlebar and helßp to increase your security and that of other motorists and cyclists effectively.

You can order the multiremote control for iPhone at our Onlineshop.

more Screenshots

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Elevation Profile
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Elevation Profile
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Topografic Map
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Topografic Map
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Tourlist
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Tourlist
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Tour Overview
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Tour Overview
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Mapstore Region
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Mapstore Region
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Mapstore list of countries
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Mapstore list of countries
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Import/Export Waypoints
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Import/Export Waypoints
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Waypoint information
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: Waypoint information
MagicMaps Scout for iPhone at the App Store

Review bei All4Phones

Review at All4Phones. With the cloudsystem "MagicMaps Live" it is possible to move your data between different systemy, such as iOS to Android and vice versa.

Scout bike navigation has been recommended at 5 BESTE on as one of the five best apps for bikers.

App Innovation Award 2012 for Scout

Scout was chosen as the 2nd best App innovation in 2010 by Mac Life magazine!

"The Scout-App is almost indispensable for biking or hiking. (...) Easy to use despite the inherent complexity of the navigation subject." (pdf, 332 kb, in German)

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: bike navigation - recommended by iPhoneWelt

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone has been recommended by iPhoneWelt.


MagicMaps Scout for iPhone: bike navigation - recommended by MacerKopf

Conclusion: ideal companion for hiking, brilliant functions

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone tested by GPS Blogger

tested by GPS Blogger, result: "MagicMaps Scout gives a professional, well-designed impression. Easy to use for beginners as well as for advanced users."


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