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MagicMaps Scout for Android

Bike navigation for Android Smartphones

MagicMaps Scout for Android Smartphones

MagicMaps' outdoor navigation app adds a new dimension to your Android Smartphone equipped with a GPS receiver: this little Jack-of-all-trades always knows where you are and which way you have gone!

Scout is a multi-talented outdoor-buddie: Use topographic maps for hiking, keep an eye on your data during your running workout or use Scout as cycling computer and tracker. 

Scout for Android 2.0

New: Scout 2.0 with new design and data-storage on your sd-card!

With version 2.0, Scout got a modern facelift. Change between map and cycling computer by touching the white speedometer/map symbol on the menue bar. The main menues are stored in the stylized drawers on the left. The settings you find behind the three vertical points on the right.

New: Choose where to store your maps and tracks - either on the phone or on your personal sd-card. Define the storage place in the settings menue. You have got questions? Ask the Online-Help which explains all the different functions of Scout.

You can use Scout for Android 2.0 with Android version 4.4 or higher.

MagicMaps Scout for Android bike navigation - Highlights

  • For Android Smartphones with GPS receiver
  • Bike computer with bike navigation and track recording
  • Worldwide maps from OpenStreetMap (online)
  • Maps from OpenCycleMap with bikeways and contour lines
  • Offline topographic maps available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA (selected national parks), France, Great Britain, The Netherlands and KOMPASS leisure Maps for Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, South Tyrol (in-app purchase, more countries coming soon)
  • Record and analyse tracks, send them via email
  • Import tracks as gpx-files
  • Easy to use, well-designed user interface
  • Manage and store your tracks with MagicMaps Live
  • Set an manage Waypoints
  • import/export tracks and waypoints as gpx-files


Scout for Android: Bike computer
Scout for Android: Bike computer
Scout for Android: OpenCycleMap with track
Scout for Android: OpenCycleMap
Scout for Android: Navigation with topographic map
Scout for Android: Topographic map

Scout for Android - Functions

Android Outdoor Navigation: OpenStreetMap
Android Outdoor Navigation: OpenStreetMap

Bike and hiking navigation maps: Online

Scout for Android uses a high-resolution basemap from the worldwide OpenStreetMap (online connection necessary for OSM maps). Simply click the button at the top left to jump to your current position. You can display routes and tracks on the map and use them for biking or hiking.

The free OpenStreetMap contains worldwide information about roads, footpaths and cities. OpenStreetMap is a non-commercial map created and continuously updated by thousands of volunteers all around the world. Bikers can choose the OpenCycleMap with specific information for Bikers, such like official bike routes, bike workshops etc.

You can move and zoom the map with your fingers.

Android Bike navigation: Topografic Maps

Topographic maps for Offline Use

A special feature of the Scout app is the possibilty to use detailed topographic maps which are installed directly on your smartphone. Those maps are especially well-suited for outdoor use. They show  small footpaths, the hydrographic network and the topographic situation by contour lines. With those locally installed maps you can use the whole app-functionality irrespectively of the internet. Outdoor navigation such becomes a boundless adventure. With such maps you don't need a connection to a mobile network which is often not available in forests or mountain regions. Additionally, you can save roaming costs when using the app in other countries.

There are two ways to use topographic maps on your smartphone: 

1. Purchase maps via Map Store

Scout for Android has built-in access to our Map Store where you can purchase detailed topographic maps for use offline (scale 1:50,000). Simply select the additional map regions and download them to your smartphone (internet access required). After completing this process you can then use all of the functions in the app without needing an internet connection. These maps are especially suitable for outdoor activities since they show very small tracks and footpaths, small streams and contour lines.

Overview Map Store

These extra maps are assigned to your Android market account which means you can use them with all your Android devices using the same account. 

2. Exchange maps with "Tour Explorer"

Planning tours on your PC is an easy way to prepare outdoor adventures, as on a large screen you have got a good overview as well as many convenient tools for analysing the tour. The tour and suitable map section can be transferred to your Android smartphone and used for navigation. Tour Explorer is available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

Users of Tour Explorer (Version 5.0) can export map data via WiFi to their Android smartphones.

Android Fahrrad Navigation: Fahrradcomputer

Android bike navigation - speedometer bike computer

This stylish speedometer shows you the GPS signal strength and all other information you need to know. You can choose six fields to display out of the following list:

  • Current speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Pace (Min/Km)
  • Number of trackpoints  recorded
  • Total distance travelled
  • Total elapsed time
  • Travelling time
  • Total sum uphill/downhill
  • Current inclination
  • Current altitude
  • Lowest/highest point
  • GPS accuracy (horizontal and vertical)

 Click the Start button to start recording a track. In the Settings menu you can choose three different track recording methods (optimized, time-based or distance-based track points). In map view, the track is automatically shown on the map. You can pause and continue with track recording at any time. After recording the track, you can store and name it in gpx file format.

While recording a track, you can switch your smartphone to standby to save battery power.

Android Fahrrad Navigation: Touren

Scout for Android - Tracks and Routes

Each track recorded is shown in the tour overview and can be used later for navigation. The tour overview shows a small icon of the track together with length, altitude difference and the date of recording.

Further extra information is stored as well:

  • Total distance
  • Travelling time
  • Average speed
  • Highest/lowest point
  • Personal rating (scenery, fitness, skill and adventure)

Each track can be sent as gpx-file together with its stats via email and can be viewed on a PC or exchanged with friends. The Diagram menu shows an elevation and speed profile for the track. You can also view stored  tracks in the map view.


Interesting Points can be defined by the waypoint-function. May it be a marvellous lookout, a nice picnic area, the parking place of your car, or whatever else meaningful location.

Those waypoints are quite worthful, because you can home on every waypoint from your actual position. Thus, you find back to your starting point without problems. This function is often used for geocaching as well.

In the middle of the map display you see a cross line. By scrolling the map, you can push the location to be marked into it. To mark your actual position, please activate the automatic map movement (top left), which centers your actual  position on your display. Mark the waypoint by pressing the button on bottom right.

All your waypoints are listed under "Waypoints". Choose a waypoint to get more information like name, date of creation, coordinates, distance from your actual position, etc. Activate or deactivate the display of your waypoints under "Settings".

Scout for Android Bike Navigation: Settings


The Settings menu lets you customize Scout for Android to your personal needs.

Map: This is used to manage your map regions and choose the map type to show in Map View. You can buy topographic maps and download them to your iPhone (WLAN recommended) to be independent from an internet connection during your outdoor activities. When you are on the road, you can also use the purchased maps online through the mobile data connection and then download them later when WLAN is available.

Display: Here you choose the required units (metric or US). You can also activate an automatic screen saver to save battery power when you are outdoors.

Track recording: Define the track recording method (time-based or distance-based).

Navigation: Activate distance warning and Trackback. Trackback is a useful function which navigates you on your recorded track back to your starting point.

Synchronize: Connect your smartphone via WLAN with your PC and export maps and tracks from Tour Explorer to your mobile device. The Mobile Assistant of the programme will ask you for the code given from the smartphone.

MagicMaps Live is a management-tool for your tracks. If you sign in to MagicMaps Live, this tool automatically synchronizes your tours for all MagicMaps components, like Scout, Tour Explorer (version 6.0 or higher), or Tour Explorer Online. You no longer need to import or export your tracks from one place to another.


Further Functions

MagicMaps Scout for iPhone bike navigation supports the languages English and German.

Screenshots navigation

Android bike navigation: navigation, cursor right
Android bike navigation: navigation, cursor right
Android bike navigation: navigation, cursor left
Android bike navigation: navigation, cursor left
Android bike navigation: off-track warning
Android bike navigation: off-track warning

more Screenshots

Android bike navigation: Tour profile
Android bike navigation: OpenStreetMap
Android bike navigation: Tour overview
Android bike navigation: Tour profile
Android bike navigation: Create Waypoints
Android bike navigation: Tour overview
Android bike navigation: Waypoint bearing
Android bike navigation: Create Waypoints
Android bike navigation: Edit Waypoints
Android bike navigation: Waypoint bearing
Android bike navigation: Edit Waypoints
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