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MagicMaps Live lets you use your GPS data the way you want to by making it easy to manage and exchange your maps and tours between PC and mobile devices.

Your MagicMaps Live user account is the key to the experience: All maps that you have purchased in the MagicMaps Map Store, as well as your selected tours, are stored in your online user account in the MagicMaps Live cloud. These can then be accessed online using the PC planning software TOUR Explorer Version 7 or 8,  TOUR Explorer Live and the Scout app for iPhone und Android smartphones.

The diagram below illustrates how the different components of the MagicMaps system work for you:

MagicMaps Live manages your tour data

MagicMaps Live




MagicMaps Live takes over the storage and management of your tour data and map regions from the Map Store.

Once you register for your free user account your tour and map data will be synchronised in MagicMaps Live meaning your data is available to you - whatever device you choose to use.

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TOUR Explorer Version 7 or 8 / TOUR Explorer Live not only shows you the maps you already have installed on your computer (TOUR Explorer V6.0 or higher) but also all map data available from the Map Store.

A variety of official topographic maps from across Europe are available to purchase for a small fee.


Any maps that you have purchased on your smartphone are seamlessly connected on your map view of your TOUR Explorer Live account - this means tour planning without borders!


All the different software components are connected through MagicMaps Live, letting you choose the optimal platform for what you need to do, whether recording a new route on the trail, editing and archiving your trips, or planning a tour in advance. Data exchange is made easy and effortless using MagicMaps Live.

For example, if you record a cycle track in the field with the Scout app for iPhone or Android smartphone you can view and edit the recorded track in TOUR Explorer on your computer screen.

Maybe you have downloaded a tour from the internet in GPX format - this can be easily opened in TOUR Explorer on your computer. Here you can check out the elevation profile, or split the route up into different sections, and much more. When you have finished customising your tour simply open the Scout app on your smartphone and the tour will be there, ready to navigate you through your next adventure. The old days of having to plug in to transfer your data are over.

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