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FAQ - MagicMaps Scout for iPhone


Reinstallation of purchased maps after changing iPhones.

After changing iPhones a 'backup' of your information is transferred to your new iPhone using iTunes. Sometimes after this backup the "Kartenkäufe wiederherstellen" function might not work correctly. In this case the Scout app must be completely deleted from your iPhone and redownloaded from the App Store. After this the Kartenkäufe wiederherstellen" function should successfully operate.

How can I exchange maps between Tour Explorer 5/6 and my iPhone?

First your PC and iPhone (using WiFi) must be connected to the same network. Check this in the iPhone System app "Einstellungen" under WiFi. In the Scout app select "Einstellungen" -> "Mit Computer verbinden". The code shown in Scout must be entered into Tour Explorer.

Tour Explorer version 5.0.6 or higher must be installed on your computer in order to transfer data to your iPhone. The latest software updates for Tour Explorer are available at our Downloads page. In Tour Explorer you can find the Export function in the Übertragen menu, under Assistent starten and then MagicMaps Scout für iPhone

The first time this function is used your computer's firewall may ask you for permission for Tour Explorer to execute this function. You must allow this for the Export function to work. If you deny this request, or if your firewall settings automatically block certain requests, no connection between your PC and mobile device will be possible. You must then allow Tour Explorer to execute this function in your PC's firewall settings.

During the connection process you will be asked to enter the code shown in the Scout app into Tour Explorer on your PC. After successful connection you can choose which data you wish to exchange to your iPhone. Note: The transfer of large map areas can take a long time over WiFi connections.

I have deleted the Scout app and reinstalled it on my iPhone. Must I pay for the maps I have already purchased again?

All maps you have purchased are assigned to your iTunes account. Reloading your purchased maps to your iPhone, as with other purchased apps, is free. Purchased maps can be reinstalled in the Scout app under "Einstellungen" -> "Kartenkäufe wiederherstellen". Alternatively, the maps can be re-purchased at no charge from the MapStore using the same iTunes account with which they were first purchased.

Why does Scout show "No GPS signal" when other app on my iPhone have good GPS signals?

Please check whether the Scout app has permission to use GPS dat on your iPhone. You can do this in your iPhone's device settings under "General" -> "Location services".

All apps use the same GPS antenna therefore the GPS accuracy in different apps should be indentical. When the GPS uncertainty is greater than 100 metres then the Scout app displays "Kein GPS Empfang". 

You can display the current GPS accuracy in the bike computer in the Scout app; select "horizontale GPS-Genauigkeit" for display in the Tacho. GPS accuracy is displayed in map view via the blue ring surrounding your current location.

The best GPS signals are attained under clear skies in flat areas. High GPS accuracy in hilly or heavil forested areas is usually difficult to achieve. Establishing a good GPS position can take several minutes to create. Restarting your iPhone can help if this connection is not able to be established.

Is there an overview map of the regions available for download?

Yes - please click on the links below to see overview maps for:

How do I import/export tours and tracks?


Tours can be exchanged between your iPhone with iOS4 or higher and PC using iTunes file-sharing. Connect your iPhone to the PC and select your iPhone in iTunes (1). In the Apps tab (2) you can find the file-sharing option from Scout (3). By clicking on Hinzufügen (4) you can select a track (GPX format) to use in the Scout app. Exhange tracks recorded on your iPhone by selecting the file and then clicking "Save under..." and choosing a directory in which to save the file.

Disconnect your PC and iPhone and then start Scout. The new files should then be synchronised and be available to open and be displayed as line features on Scout maps.

How can I purchase additional topographic maps for my iPhone?

Additional topographic cards (1:50,000 map scale) can be purchased for your iPhone in the Einstellungen menu. Click on Topografische Karten kaufen ... and select the map region you want from the list. After purchase (in online mode) the map will become available.  If you would like to download the map to your iPhone go to the menu item Installierte Versionen. Select the desired region and click Herunterladen für die Offline-nutzung. Once this is complete the map will be saved to your iPhone and available for offline use.

If you haven't found an answer to your question please contact us at our Online-Support page.

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